My name is Tarik Buyukseker . I am the owner and founder of Big Sugar Pty Ltd. You might be wondering why I called my business “Big Sugar”, it’s a simple play on my surname. Translated from Turkish to English Buyuk (Big) seker (sugar).

I was born in Turkey but now reside in Sydney. I have always had a passion and flair for creativity and the arts. When I’m not running my business I spend time playing the guitar (or should I say one of many that I have) and writing Turkish music.

My homeland is an extremely diverse and interesting country, I grew up in Istanbul (formally Constantinople) and its diversity comes from spanning two continents, Asia and Europe.

Turkey has been the centre for art and textiles for centuries, and the designs in the products you see on the Big Sugar website reflects the history of Turkey.

Some interesting facts you may not be aware of, the precious stone Turquoise actually comes from Turkey, this stone for many centuries was called Turku Ozu and translates into English as Real Turkish. Obviously today we know this as Turquoise.

Turquoise appears everywhere in Turkey, from its Mosques to the tiles in the Hamam to the beautiful hand made jewelries.

For years I have wanted to share the beautiful designs of Turkey with the Australian people. The products Big Sugar provides embodies all that is wonderful abut Turkey, the colours, history, art and culture.

Many of the Pashminas you will see include the flower Tulip, the reason for this is that the Tulip is in fact the national flower of Turkey. Tulips were first discovered in Persia and Turkey. If you ever have the chance to visit Istanbul in its summer months you will have the wonderful experience of seeing the Tulip festival.

Tulip festival

Another prominent style you will see across Big Sugar is what is known as ‘Tura’. This is the ancient symbol of the Ottoman empire and was used as the signature of the Sultan. It can be seen today across Turkey in building and fashion alike.

At Big Sugar we work with small family owned suppliers from Turkey, throughout the products you will see the love and passion these suppliers put into their creations.

Our goal at Big Sugar is to bring you luxurious, hand made Turkish goods at affordable prices.

I hope you enjoy the products as much as we do.