Oval Cut Zultanite Solitaire Ring In Sterling Silver


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Add a bold statement piece with this stunning color changing zultanite ring. Featuring a stunning color changing zultanite centre stone and surrounded with beautiful flower shape sterling silver band, this ring will complete your outfit with 4 different color in 1 day. İt will surprise and trick everyone around you with color changing effect.

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Zultanite ; The Sultan of Gems, Zultanite, was named in honor of the 36 sultans who ruled the Ottoman Empire, a powerful and important sovereignty that spanned three continents at its peak. The term Sultan originally meant strength and authority, perfectly describing this robust gemstone. First collected and faceted by mineral enthusiasts in the late 1970s, Zultanite is an extremely rare variety of the mineral Diaspore that can contain color changing or color shifting varieties. Zultanite owes its unique palette to the minute presence of manganese. Found in only one place in the world, Zultanite is mined in Turkey’s remote Anatolian Mountains at an extreme height of over 4,000 feet. Anatolia, which means `sunrise’ in ancient Greek, is blessed with majestic and beautiful landscapes that perfectly complement such an extraordinary gemstone. The unique beauty of Zultanite is its rarity, and natural earthy color. The Zultanite Chameleon variety has contrasting colors, which change from kiwi greens with flashes of canary yellow under sunny skies to rich champagnes in traditional indoor lighting and raspberry hues in candlelight. Zultanite other key characteristics are its saturation, sparkle and durability.

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